Tom Allen's comedy space odyssey: finding the right sized room for standup - The Guardian

04 Aug 2015 
In an age when a generation experiences TV series on a laptop balanced precariously on their chest, standup comedy is about coming together and being part of something. But the setup of the room can impact massively on your experience. Comedy should feel like a game of tennis. Even the best serve will miss if the audience aren't close enough, can't hear the performer or are sat at round tables with half of them facing away from the stage. And as for performing to people who are dining, I shan't mention how I was once heckled with "Where's my starter?!"

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Grand rooms can dissipate atmosphere with a high ceiling, but smaller rooms have their challenges too. At the Edinburgh fringe, rooms can vary enormously in size and design. Most comics will find themselves performing in small improvised spaces, converted toilet cubicles and huts made largely of tears and hair.

It is here a comic really plies their trade. Awkward shapes, odd sight lines and bits of the stage halfway out the window. The audience is often right in front of you in a space which probably seems like their front room. Is it even safe to be this close to a performer?

The experience changes in huge venues: an audience in complete darkness, and a brightly lit stage, give you the feeling of being in a brilliantly illuminated cell. In smaller rooms the performer can see everyone's face and the unsmiling man on the second row can destroy their confidence - especially when he's a fifth of the audience. And he might be having a wonderful time! He can't help that he's just got quite a miserable-looking face.

An audience need to see themselves reflected in the performer on stage and the performer needs to feel like their work is being reflected in the faces of the audience. And performers are so needy.

The best rooms tend to be a bit uncomfortable so you have to make the best of it and throw yourself into laughing. Because, as in life, we are all a bit awkward but comedy can help us make the best of an uncomfortable seat.
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'People/Place: American Social Landscape Photography, 1950-1980? opens at ... -

04 Aug 2015 
There is no mockery inside it...The people about these pages, whom appear us in the eye without regret, have got stood a great struggle." These types of phrases exemplify Hubbard's deeply engaged approach in order to photography and to his community, capturing within everyone of his images a persons spirit in every its complexity.

In the collaborative effort Bennington Museum and also Bennington University get selected photographs from the portfolios regarding Jonathan Brand, John Hubbard, Neil Rappaport, Garry Winogrand, along with Lee Friedlander, to existing a very special exhibition entitled People/Place: American Social Landscape Photography, 1950-1980.

"In yesteryear decade a new generation regarding photographers has directed your documentary approach towards much more private ends. More Than 1 thousand images were taken, and in 2010, 174 had been donated towards the Bennington Museum.

About your Museum

Bennington Museum is actually situated from 75 main Street (Route 9), Bennington, inside the Shires of Vermont. He photographed tourists coming to the Bennington Battle Monument, the ones viewing displays from an antique show, monks in the monastery in the Everett Mansion along with policemen perched about stools in a luncheonette counter, as well as daughters Ulrika bouncing in a yard and Jenny asleep in their stroller. He shot approximately 45-50 rolls of film throughout 3 days. Standard admission can be $10 for adults, $9 pertaining to seniors as well as students over 18. They Will such as the real world, regardless of its terrors, as becoming a supply of all surprise as well as fascination as well as value-no less precious for being irrational."

John Szarkowski, introductory text for the 1967 MoMA exhibit, New Documents.

While John Hubbard's photographs vividly capture the folks regarding Bennington because they labored and also played 35-40 years ago, that they too reflect his personal vision, providing glimpses in to the lesser-known social facets of the actual town. Cautious framing along with split 2nd timing are usually important facets of their own practice, and also we have selected a new wide range of their finest work," states Jonathan Kline, Faculty Member with Bennington University and his students. It can be wheelchair accessible. In the particular surface, the particular cars, clothing, and ads provide the rush involving nostalgia, "yet pondering your images reveals the particular psychologically charged millisecond when the photographer as well as subject connected. The Actual museum is actually open up every day except Wednesday, 10 am to become able to 5 pm. These kind of photographs, more than 165 of these and all anonymous, became the "Bennington Visual Census," providing the glimpse at lifestyle within Bennington inside the late 1970s.

News release -- Bennington Museum

July 31, 2015

Jonathan Brand's journey Inside October 1967, via Manhattan's Upper West Aspect for you to Bennington, Vermont had been totally documented throughout grayscale images through Brand. Whether Or Even Not posed or even candid, neighborhood or distant, the task shown in this exhibition shows how social landscape photography elevates what most would view as minutiae associated with daily life, transforming it inside a captivating along with visually stunning manner," states Kline.. Each address concerns of fragmentation, alienation, as well as the surprise in the everyday.

Neil Rappaport lived as well as labored within Pawlet, Vermont for nearly thirty years. around 1979, Rappaport began getting students via his Advanced Photography class about area tasks in in order to the communities which surrounded the actual college. Their Particular aim continues to end up being able to be never to reform life, nevertheless to be able to understand it. They, in supplement to Jamie Franklin, curator in the Bennington Museum curated along with installed this exhibition. He was a self-taught photographer that proven the particular photography program with Bennington College, exactly where he served about the faculty coming from 1970 - 1997. Presently there is 1 thing strong in regards for you to the word. Their Own work betrays the sympathy-almost an affection-for the imperfections along with frailties of society. Admission can be by zero means charged pertaining to younger students, museum members, or visit the actual museum shop. Winogrand's spontaneous images regarding everyday routine frequently integrate unusual camera angles along with implausible configurations of individuals within his viewfinder. Friedlander is best noted for complicating your viewing expertise by the use of reflections and shadows, and taking benefit of street signs and also windows as framing devices. "Each of these photographers explores a person's issue within the particular public sphere, the social landscape. Here these folks were to create any visual record regarding what they found as Rappaport taught them "how to locate subject," and place on their particular own in environments that were new to them. He taught them how to allow camera be the bridge for the subject. Go to the actual museum's website or contact 802-447-1571 for more information.


Susan Strano

Marketing Director

Bennington Museum

75 Primary Street

Bennington, VT 05201


[email protected]

Participants coming from Bennington School included students Michael Ash, Iris Bennett, Amelia Bois-Rioux, Rocco Farano, Cassandra Langtry, Abby Mahler, Nathaniel Miller, Nathan Paul, Hannajane Prichett along with faculty member Jonathan Kline. Combining these photographs to create an exhibit involving wordless literature is an effort created by the School along with Museum to link themselves as one, share photographs from separate archives, and allow visitors to savor the exhibit as a community. Images from your series contain gleaming new fuel stations and rusty previous cars, interiors with the Paradise Motel plus a diner about West Primary Street, portraits of members in the family and candid shots of people on the street. People/Place: American Social Landscape Photography, 1950-1980 will be on view from Bennington Museum through August 15 through November 8.

Each image within this exhibition offers a window which allows the viewer to check back over time along with discover fragments of the sociopolitical, cultural, and emotive landscape in which shaped that will period. Associated With these images, Hubbard noted "Old. Additional to those are generally portraits involving older people. While the young, socially conscious man surviving in Vermont within the early 1970s, many regarding his images depict young progressive sorts such as artists, craftspeople as well as back-to-the-landers. People/Place: American Social Landscape Photography, 1950-1980 will probably be in view in Bennington Museum through August 15 via November 8.

Although Garry Winogrand and Lee Friedlander rarely travelled via southern Vermont, they're both identified because the most influential American street photographers regarding the 2nd half of the 20th century

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What to do if iCloud Music Library kills iTunes music - Computerworld

03 Aug 2015 
Rename it through placing the term 'corrupt' at the front).

Open your Prior iTunes Libraries folder and also select probably your most not too long ago developed .itl file.

Drag this from the Prior folder in in order to the principal iTunes folder and rename it as iTunes Library.itl (your system will then recognize this as a reference file.

Launch iTunes

Your music library ought for you to be restored.

Symptom: A Person might have formerly cancelled an iTunes Match subscription along with now your own music library shows incorrect artist, song and artwork details inside iTunes Match as well as Apple Music.

It is achievable your own library information has been corrupted - but repair can be very simple....

Google+? If you employ social media along with happen to be any Google+ user, why not join AppleHolic's Kool Aid Corner community and be a component of the particular conversation even as pursue the actual spirit with the New Model Apple?

Step Two

Got any story?Drop me a new collection through Twitter or possibly in feedback under as well as allow me to know. I'd enjoy it should you chose to follow me on Twitter thus I can let you realize when refreshing items are revealed here first about Computerworld.

"Repairing the song details requires that we distinct the iCloud music Library, appropriate the facts inside your iTunes library on your computer, and then add the particular songs back again for your iCloud Audio Library. When you turn about iCloud Songs Library on your own Mac the metadata gets confused (you may well see incorrect album art, or play incorrect tracks).

iOS device

Access Settings>Music

Turn off iCloud Songs Library.

These problems do certainly not affect everybody (not at all), though it remains just any little disappointing Apple's cloud service transition isn't without friction - that's an ongoing challenge the organization must resolve, due to be able to the significance of cloud services in future tech.


Step Four

Step One

One more thing: Don't accept iCloud Songs Library or even the problem will recur.

Now you possess to restore your own songs library upon all your computers:. Here are the handful of ways to address these problems.

On a Mac:

Press and also maintain Command and option although launching iTunes (Control as well as Shift on the PC)

iTunes will allow you know it is running in Safe Mode, in the large event it can you require to choose Restore Library.

You'll be inspired to select Restore Library once again and may do so.

It is very important not to change off your current computer, quit iTunes as well as allow your system Sleep while the restore procedure will take place.

Update all regarding your methods for the newest variation of iTunes


Launch iTunes and register with your Apple ID and also password

On the Mac launch iTunes Preferences

Under the actual General tab deselect your choice for iCloud Audio Library and also click OK to simply accept your change.

The fix

Step Three

Reset your current iCloud music Library about one of your own computers.

Launch iTunes as well as indicator in

On the Mac choose Account>View Account

At the bottom with the web page click Reset so as to always be able to reset iCloud music Library

You is planning to be asked to delete most involving the background music along with playlists stored in your iCloud Audio Library, examine "I understand" along with click Reset.

You'll then be asked to confirm your step simply by selecting Reset Now

Once your current iCloud music Library has been reset a person must Quit iTunes.

To rectify the problem you may have to repeat a few actions about every computer along with iOS device you employ with Apple Songs or even iTunes Match.

Step Five

If you have had issues with iTunes a person must get within touch with Apple to let them know.

Symptom: You are using iTunes/Apple Audio upon Mac as well as iPhone.

All your current methods must now provide the particular right library. This specific method doesn't affect iTunes Retailer purchases" Apple warns.

Apple provides engaged in any range of important transitions, coming from AIM for you to Intel, from Mac OS for you to OS X, nevertheless it seems the biggest challenge it's got faced is seen inside the migration via iTunes for you to Apple Music, together with multiple reviews claiming libraries of songs are already destroyed. more suggestions.

Here's what issues to do:

Close iTunes

Navigate for your iTunes folder (User name>Music>iTunes)

Look for that iTunes Library.itl file within here

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British pub owner gets 7-year prison sentence for pushing a man who appeared ... - New York Daily News

02 Aug 2015 
He threatened he might "have to hack some ribs to obtain it."

A British pub landlord had been sent to become able to jail regarding seven many years after he killed a new wealthy American whom dressed like a homeless person.

Hickox, whom carried his possessions in 2 plastic bags, had been at the pub in September last year to buy three bottles of Italian wine, which in turn expense regarding $100 each.

Once at the pub, he pushed Notarki then ran off.

One witness said Hickox, that the court heard has been estranged via his family members in the U.S., looked terrified as well as had been "running pertaining to his life."




Rostam Notarki "jabbed" Charles Hickox through powering by getting an ironing board in the particular course of an argument, sending the American in for you to the path regarding an oncoming van, reports the particular Guardian.

But Notarki, 53, switched your wine for any cheaper vintage and then ejected Hickox from the pub inside a leafy section of southwest London.


Notarki stated he has been acting inside self-defense and feared his son will be attacked right after Hickox attacked him having a tennis racket.

The Previous Bailey court although failed to believe Notarki's edition of events and discovered him responsible for manslaughter.

The landlord then chased right after him having an ironing board, together using his son Kian at his side with an iron bar.

Hickox, which looked just such as a homeless man but is at fact a wealthy gambler, confronted staff with Notarki's pub of a missing credit rating card.

He already admitted which he hid CCTV footage of the incident.

Afterward, Hickox realized his Visa card was missing and also went back for the pub to demand it back

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Paul pushes 'economic freedom zones' at campaign stop in Niles - Chicago Tribune

02 Aug 2015 
"It will certainly be appealing to see what happens (at the dispute).".

Copyright 2015, Chicago Tribune.

"Let's gather more records of terrorists and less documents of innocent Americans," he said.

Jan Bach, 58, of Park Ridge, stated she's a long time Paul fan which liked what he had to claim regarding restricting the power of government.

"I'm ecstatic he involved Niles, I simply wish there had been even more people there," she said.

The libertarian-leaning senator from Kentucky-- swearing his campaign's long-lasting goal "is not simply the key, our lasting objective is Hillary Clinton"-- said Republicans will certainly have to court African-American citizens to win the basic election.

U.S. Rand Paul opened up a Niles campaign stop Saturday with a call to reduce taxes and also diminish federal government.

"Why are businesses relocating overseas? Due to the fact that our taxes are too damn high," claimed Paul, speaking at a rally and publication signing at the Royal Cooking area as well as Bath Cabinets storehouse. Sen. The Ohio argument is limited to the 10 prospects leading in the surveys.

Paul's look in the northwest suburb, which attracted a group of roughly 300, was arranged by the Republicans of Maine Territory, stated Committeeman Char Foss-Eggemann. "It's very easy for me to be a different type of Republican," Paul said.

His require much smaller government included cuts to investing, a less effective presidency and limitations on federal government security.

Component of his plan, he stated, is a tax-cutting program for companies in low-income locations that are growing as well as creating works, which he pitched during a Might project stop on Chicago's South Side.

"Just what I really want to do is ... He said he 'd ditch the existing tax code for a single-rate system while eliminating the payroll tax obligation totally.

Paul also required reductions in penitentiary sentences, specifically for those founded guilty of pacifist drug criminal offenses.

Others, like Phil Oenning, 65, of Park Ridge, stated they're still unsure and also merely desired to get a better look at among the contenders.

Paul stated he thinks the crowded industry will improve his project. not take your money as well as send it back, yet leave it in the neighborhood and never ever take it to begin with," he stated.

Paul is ballot all right that he is expected to be included in Thursday's Republican candidate debate, to be hosted by Fox Information. The group has invited all Republican presidential hopefuls to fulfill with neighborhood citizens, as well as Paul is the very first-- and also so much only-- prospect to take the group up on the offer, Foss-Eggemann claimed.

"No one's truly said anything yet," Oenning claimed of the slate of Republican prospects.

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